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Sometimes you are running FROM something. Others, you are running TO something. And occasionally, you're just running. Along that journey, we all need a hand: A hand exploring a route through our beautiful city. A hand meeting a new friend to train with. A hand finding tools that will help you on your journey.

We spend our time finding brands that will help you get where you are going faster and healthier. Provide you with products that will make your workouts in the gym stronger and better. Create an atmosphere that is un-intimidating and loyal.

So consider us and let us give you a hand to help you forget what you were running FROM, go beyond what you originally set out to run TO, or help you find a purpose for just running.

Weekly Events At Rochester Running Company

Wednesday Runs @ 6 pm

Location: Store

Wednesday night runs are 3 miles from the store on every changing routes that explore the best area in the city to run in our backyard. Stash your things at the store if needed, grab some water, and get going!

Saturday Paced Long Runs @ 7:30 AM

Location: Store

Long runs are easy when you have someone to run with. That won't be a problem at our Saturday paced runs where you have options from 7:30 min/miles to 13 min/miles and walking groups! Check out our distance schedule and information booklet.

Monday Runs @ 6:15 pm

Location: Fairport Brewing Company

Monday runs are casual runs from fairport brewing company. Enjoy a selection of 2, 3, or 5 mile routes along the canal or through the village. Choose your own route that all lead back to the brewery.

We run

Run Specialty used to mean you carried special brands you weren't able to find at just any store. While we are committed to carrying brands you know and trust, we are very passionate about also stocking brands you can't find at just any retail shoe store.

What is great about specialty shoe companies is that everyone's running style, walking style, foot-shape and gait pattern are different. Most specialty run companies have a niche within the market to help people who just have never been in love with their shoes.

We hope through the brands that we carry that you'll finally have a chance to fall in love. With your shoes that is. If not, we will help you find a shoe that works.

We Cross Train

The modern athlete is very different. We aren't satisfied with the same workout everyday. We like to try new things, push ourselves in different ways, and train our body to be up for anywhere life takes us.

We are committed to working with the cross trainers and fundamentally believe it is best to practice strength training along with any athletic endeavor. We are the specialty store in Rochester working with the brands who understand you and understand the gym. Our store is filled with products designed to help you get the most out of your workout, footwear for any type of gym exercise, and nutrition to help you be your very best.

Your next workout will be better with the right support that you will find here at Rochester Running Company.

We Dansko!

Part of being a neighborhood store is listening to your neighbors. The medical professionals, teaching professionals, and food service employees that live and work in the surrounding community love the support of the Dansko footwear. A whole day on your feet is long enough, especially if your feet hurt and you aren't wearing supportive footwear.

Let us help you find a pair of shoes that will allow you to focus on your work day rather than your feet, or allow you to have the energy to be on your feet with your family when the work day is done.

We can provide you a great foundation for you to enjoy life more everyday.